Is there anything to Collin Sexton Spurs rumors?

Collin Sexton
Collin Sexton / Jacob Kupferman/GettyImages

Another name has emerged in rumors surrounding the San Antonio Spurs.

While only mentioned briefly, Cleveland Cavaliers guard Collin Sexton has come up as a potential target for the Spurs as they look to re-tool this summer. The 6-1 scoring talent is averaging 20.0 points and 3.3 assists per game on 37.8% shooting from beyond the arc in four seasons.

Unfortunately, a torn meniscus shelved Sexton for most of this past season, but his huge 2020-21 season in which he scored 24 points per game showed he's ready for a significant raise. Agreeing to an extension might not be so easy though.

In a column on Tuesday, writer Chris Fedor speculated about Sexton's future (subscription required) with the Cavs, including talk of other teams that might have an interest.

Fedor expects the team to want to pay Sexton a figure somewhere between $15-18 million while Sexton and his agent are seeking between $18-22 million. The uncertainty surrounding Sexton's injury recovery could throw a wrench in how talks go, and other teams could jump at that chance.

"Sources maintain Detroit and Indiana are viewed as the biggest threats," says Fedor. "The Spurs, who sources say have some Sexton fans in their front office, fit the parameters [of having taller backcourt mates that minimize size concerns] if they're looking for a new Murray running mate."

Only the Pistons, Pacers, Spurs, Magic, and Trail Blazers are projected to have the cap space to sign Sexton to an offer sheet, but would it be wise for San Antonio to bother?

What should we make of this rumor?

As it stands, I don't really see much here. Might the front office have an interest in Sexton's stellar shooting stroke and scoring ability? Of course. I'm sure they'd also love Ja Morant and his athleticism as well. Beyond him being a dynamic backcourt fit with Dejounte, where would that leave Josh Primo, who seems to have the trust of Coach Popovich already at 19 years old?

There are just too many other better ways to improve the roster this summer than to throw money at another guard unless he's a superstar, and Sexton isn't at that level yet. If he wants the $18+ million he probably deserves at this point, let another team be the one to give that to him -- one with a greater need for guards.

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I think it's safe to table any talks of Sexton venturing to San Antonio unless something changes with his salary demands. I don't really see that happening.