San Antonio Spurs roster: Who will likely be gone soon?

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Jakob Poeltl, 26 years old, under contract until 2023

This hurts to say, but I think Jakob Poeltl is in his last season with the Spurs. He’s been playing great and has expanded his offensive game, but the Spurs are rumored to swing at Deandre Ayton this summer, who is objectively a better player.

Poeltl could be traded for some great assets based on his breakout season in 2021, so it wouldn’t all be for the negative. Even if the Spurs don’t sign Ayton, they could end up Chet Holmgren, who would hopefully be a starter from day one. 

Doug McDermott, 29 years old, under contract until 2024

I hope Vassell and Primo take his minutes soon, but it would be great for Doug McDermott to play out his contract and be the veteran presence on the bench. He can knock down shots when needed and can be a locker room leader, so there’s no reason for him to leave before his contract is up, at which point he’ll probably want to move to a contender (unless the Spurs are one by then.)

He’s only played in 13 games so it’s hard to say where he really stands in the rotation, but I think he’s an underrated piece in the offense and I'd like him to stay until 2024.

Thaddeus Young, 33 years old, last season of his contract

Thaddeus Young has been the veteran leader of this team but has gotten frustrated with his lack of playing time. I don’t blame him. When he’s on the floor, he’s great. When he’s being a leader behind the scenes, he’s also great.

He doesn’t have a future in San Antonio and is yet to win a ring, so either trade him to a winner or let him re-sign with one this offseason, and everyone will be happy. San Antonio is a pit stop in his career and not much more. 

Derrick White, 27 years old, under contract until 2025

Aside from Josh Primo, Derrick White is under contract for the longest time in San Antonio. That being said, it’s clearly Dejounte Murray’s backcourt, and with Vassell, Jones, and Primo on the rise, I think White might get pushed out with Poeltl as a trade piece in the very near future. The only question is, can his play match his value?

Dejounte Murray, 25 years old, under contract until 2024

Dejounte Murray might get tired of losing and walk in free agency when he can, and if the Spurs are still losing by then, I won’t blame him. But if they become a playoff team, it will be because of Dejounte Murray, at which point the Spurs need to give him all the money he might want to stay.

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Johnson, Primo, Vassell, and Murray are the only Spurs who I 100% want to retire in the Silver and Black, and if the Spurs build around Murray, not only will they improve, but they'd also hang number five in the rafters someday. He gets to pick how long he stays, so it’s up to the organization to make sure he wants to keep playing for the Spurs.

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