San Antonio Spurs roster: Who will likely be gone soon?

San Antonio Spurs Bryn Forbes
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Josh Primo, 18 years old, under contract until 2025

By 2025, Joshua Primo will only be 23. He’s already shown flashes of greatness and has been slowly eased into a life of professional basketball. Like Keldon Johnson, if all goes well, I expect Primo to be in San Antonio for a long time and take over as the franchise player sooner than others may think. Keep him around. He was picked 12th overall, so the Spurs clearly want him.

Devin Vassell, 21 years old, under contract until 2024

Devin Vassell is showing that he can and should be a starter right now and a very good one at that. He brings both shooting and defense, which no one can have too much of. He’s the third player in a row who should be a San Antonio lifer, and I’m very optimistic about how his career will unfold in the Alamo City.

Lonnie Walker IV, 22 years old, last season of his contract 

Lonnie Walker was supposed to have a breakout season and show the Spurs he was supposed to get paid. Instead, he’s playing like a $4.4 million player, which is not nearly as good as it sounds. Unless he steps it up quickly, he could be replaced in the backcourt by Tre Jones or Josh Primo before the season ends. I like Lonnie a lot, but I think he’ll move on after this season is over for a bigger role and more cash. 

Bryn Forbes, 28 years old, last season of his contract

Knowing the Spurs, they’ll resign Bryn Forbes for five more seasons as soon as they can. However, it looks like Josh Primo can be the player Forbes was supposed to be and then develop into a star as the years pass on. So between my own hopes and common sense, Forbes will move on after this season ends. If he doesn’t get his shooting together, “moving on” could mean early retirement. 

Zach Collins, 24 years old, under contract until 2024

We have not seen Zach Collins play for the San Antonio Spurs so far, so it’s very hard to say how long he’ll be with them or how important he will be to the franchise, but the Spurs offered him a slightly too large contract, so clearly they believe in him. I think he’ll be with the Spurs longer than fans expect, but I can’t yet put a date on it. 

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