San Antonio Spurs roster: Who will likely be gone soon?

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The San Antonio Spurs seem to have most of their young core in place and have plenty of assets moving forward, so the question has to be asked: which Spurs on the current roster are here to stay and who’s going to get the boot eventually? There are plenty of players under payroll who I hope will stay in the Silver and Black their entire careers, but how tangible is that for all the good options?

Between a probable lottery pick, some trade assets, and a lot of money to spend, the Spurs could make some major moves this offseason, which means there simply may not be space for some players to stick around for much longer. Taking a deep dive into each individual player, here are my predictions for how long each individual will call San Antonio home.

Joe Wieskamp, 22 years old, under contract until 2023

By the time Joe Wieskamp is through with his rookie contract, he will already be 24 years old. By then, he should be a serviceable NBA sharpshooter off the bench. If he isn’t, then I’m sure he’ll have a lengthy career overseas.

Depending on his play until his contract is up, he might be in San Antonio to stay. Realistically, as a second-round pick, he’ll be a star elsewhere, just not in the Association. Given how little he’s played so far, it’s very hard to say, but the odds say he has two years in the Silver and Black. 

Devontae Cacok, 25 years old, under contract until 2023

Devontae Cacok, much like Wieskamp, has seen very little playing time so it’s hard to make a judgment this early on in his San Antonio career. Based on the two minutes he’s played in total this season, his per 36 minutes numbers of 36 points, 36 rebounds, and 18 assists suggest the Spurs have a first-ballot Hall of Famer on the payroll. But seriously, he’ll spend the next two seasons in Austin before moving on. He’s gone by 2023 as well. 

Jock Landale, 26 years old, under contract until 2023

Between injury and health and safety protocols, Jock Landale has not gotten the court time expected of him. That’s okay, he’s a gamble that will give the Spurs an excellent backup center for the next seven or so years if it pays off. If it doesn’t work out, well, he’s also gone soon.

I don't think there's any middle ground with Landale. He’ll retire a Spur and a great Sixth Man or he’ll return to Australia when his contract expires. 

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