Horry: "People Don't Understand How Good Tony Parker Was"

Tony Parker, Robert Horry
Tony Parker, Robert Horry / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages

Although it's likely Tony Parker will end up being another Hall of Fame member of the San Antonio Spurs in the near future, he's still underrated by some. At least, according to his former teammate and seven-time NBA champion, Robert Horry.

A member of the Silver and Black for the last five seasons of his 16-year career, Horry tacked two more titles onto his resume in the Alamo City before eventually retiring in 2008. As someone frequently in media spotlights while covering Lakers games or hosting his own podcast, he's been very outspoken about the Spurs over the last few years.

To the dismay of some fans, I've documented many of the digs Horry has taken at his former team over the years. There are so many by this point that you can just Google "Air Alamo Robert Horry" and you'll see what I'm talking about. In the interest of fairness though, I also need to give the man his props when he props up the Spurs, and he did plenty of that in a new podcast from iHeartRadio, NBA Finals File.

Together with co-host Jabari Davis, Horry's new series will be breaking down a classic NBA Finals series in each episode. The first episode talks about the 2013 NBA Finals, which Spurs fans are all too familiar with. Nevertheless, there's no debate it was objectively a fantastic series worthy of diving into.

Robert Horry talks about Tony Parker's greatness

In the episode, Horry complimented several aspects of the Spurs' glory days, including their coaching, culture, and fans -- but his words on Tony Parker caught my attention the most.

"I don't think people understand how good Tony Parker was," said Horry. "Think about this. This is a point guard. He led the league multiple times with points in the paint. As a point guard, [he was] scoring points in the paint. That lets you know his toughness, and he's not afraid to get in the paint and mix it up with the big guys. You got these beasts in the paint, but Tony was not afraid to go in there and score points."

Later in the episode, Horry and Davis discuss the remarkable game-winner Parker hit over LeBron James in Game 1 of that series.

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Although San Antonio ended up falling short in the series, Parker averaged 15.7 points, and 6.4 assists through those seven games and picked his scoring up even more in the 2014 revenge Finals against Miami.