San Antonio Spurs: Re-evaluating 9 Offseason Moves

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Zach Collins
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7. Spurs sign Zack Collins to a three-year deal

Zach Collins doesn't appear likely to play before the end of the year, but his signing could still turn out to be a good one. After all, he has plenty of talent but also has the injury luck of Homer Simpson.

As a result, the decision to sign him to a three-year deal may seem risky, but If it doesn't work out this season, San Antonio can easily waive him without taking a financial hit. For that reason, I believe that it's still a justifiable contract, one with very little risk and potentially a high reward.

San Antonio Spurs
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6. Spurs sign Jock Landale

The Jock Landale signing initially appeared like a good one, and it may still be, but he's struggled to crack the Spurs rotation so far. To his credit, he’s looked fine in limited minutes but it's clear that he's not going to play much this season, even if many believe he should be.

He does have a team option for next season and his shooting and passing could allow him to play a bigger role next season. Still, his signing isn't nearly as intriguing in retrospect considering how little he’s actually played.

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5. Spurs re-sign Keita Bates-Diop to a two-year deal

Keita Bates-Diop has played a larger role than many might've expected, but, considering the Spurs' lack of depth at power forward, it's not entirely unsurprising. After all, San Antonio apparently bought him back to have him compete with former first-round pick Luka Samanic for the final roster spot.

He not only earned the final roster spot but has also provided San Antonio with a decent 10th or 11th man. It's not the most exciting offseason move, but re-signing Bates-Diop on the cheap has definitely worked out better than expected for the Spurs.

4. Spurs acquire Detroit's second-round pick

Perhaps the most underrated free agency move was the Spurs' acquisition of Detroit's 2022 second-round pick when they dealt for Chandler Hutchison. The inclusion of the pick was likely a reward for San Antonio agreeing to acquire (and later waive) Hutchison, and that looks like a great decision by the Spurs.

Detroit currently has the worst record in the NBA and were Detroit to end up with the 1st overall pick, that'd mean that the Spurs would select 31st overall. Considering the Spurs foolishly traded away their 2022 second to offload Boris Diaw back in 2016, they did very well to replace that pick with a potentially better one.

Additionally, the Spurs currently have three starters that were each taken 29th overall, showing that there is often plenty of talent left on the board in that range. There's no guarantee that they'll strike gold with Detroit's pick, but it's still a great move on the Spurs' part.

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