Ranking 9 worst Spurs starters of the David Robinson era

Hopefully the Spurs do not have to start anyone this bad in the Victor Wembanyama era.
San Antonio Spurs, David Robinson
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3. Carl Herrera

Herrera was a second-round pick in 1990 who went to the Rockets in a draft night trade. He spent one year in Europe before joining Houston and was a 15 to 20-minute per-game role player over the next four seasons. The Rockets won two championships, but Herrera slipped out of the postseason rotation during their 1995 run.

The 6’9 forward left for the Spurs in free agency where he hoped to get more playing time. Instead, Herrera got less, except for San Antonio’s disastrous 1997 campaign that ended with just 20 wins. He played a career-high 24.5 minutes per game and had arguably the best statistical campaign of his eight years in the NBA.

During his three seasons with the Spurs, Carl Herrera averaged 4.8 points and 2.9 rebounds in just 15.5 minutes but inexplicably made 65 starts. 58 of them came when San Antonio was tanking, a move that resulted in drafting Tim Duncan, but it is still wild to say he was a starter for the Spurs during the David Robinson era.

Herrera played just one season in the NBA after leaving San Antonio and appeared in just 28 more games. He should not have been starting on a team with an all-time great.