Ranking 9 worst Spurs starters of the David Robinson era

Hopefully the Spurs do not have to start anyone this bad in the Victor Wembanyama era.
San Antonio Spurs, David Robinson
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5. Danny Ferry

Ferry’s NBA career got off to a wild start. He was drafted second overall by the Clippers in 1989 but refused to play for the franchise. The 6’10 forward spent his first professional season in Italy before LA traded his rights to the Cavaliers. Ferry never lived up to his draft hype but played 13 years in the NBA as a solid rotation piece.

He arrived in San Antonio as a free agent in 2000. His decade-long contract with the Cavaliers finally expired, and Ferry was 34 years old before playing his game with the Spurs. Save for his two prime seasons as a starter, the 6’10 forward had started just 27 games over eight years. He was a rotation option who primarily came off the bench and played 20 minutes per game.

The Spurs gave him 29 starts in his first year with the franchise and 11 more in the playoffs. San Antonio lost in the conference finals and felt like they needed Ferry’s floor spacing. It was his best year in the Alamo. Over the three seasons combined, he averaged 4.1 points and 2.0 rebounds in 15.9 minutes per game.

Danny Ferry had zero business starting next to Tim Duncan and David Robinson on the San Antonio Spurs. He was an elite shooter but offered little else. The 6’10 forward was well past his prime, but he did help the franchise win the title in 2003 before retiring. Ferry became an NBA executive and spent multiple years in the Spurs front office.