Ranking all 17 Spurs from least to most trade value

The San Antonio Spurs have not been shy about making trades, but what is the value of their current talent?

San Antonio Spurs, Victor Wembanyama
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The San Antonio Spurs drafted Victor Wembanyama, but they have taken a cautious approach to building around the rookie. San Antonio has acquired more draft capital and used their cap space to trade for veterans. The Spurs do not plan on contending in 2024. They want to slowly build around their generational prospect to become a title challenger for the next 15 years.

The latest move gives San Antonio 17 players under contract, so there is more work to be done. The Spurs must get down to 15 by the start of the regular season. They could make another trade or just waive two players. Expect the franchise to continue exploring its options and looking for ways to maximize its assets.

If the Spurs decide to make a trade, what players would they be looking to move? Who do other teams want? Here is a look at the trade value of all 17 players currently on their roster.

Rankings San Antonio Spurs from least to most trade value

Negative value

The Spurs have three players under contract that would have to pay extra to dump. They just took on Cameron Payne and got a second-round pick in exchange for a heavily protected second. The other two players were on their roster last season.

17. Devonte Graham

Graham is a backup point guard that has struggled since signing a four-year $47 million deal as part of a sign-and-trade in 2021. The 6’1 guard still has two years and $24.7 million left on that contract, and his defensive issues can make him unplayable. The only way San Antonio gets his deal off their books this season is by making it a throw-in during a blockbuster or giving up draft capital to trade it.

16. Khem Birch

Birch played just 20 games last season and he did not suit up after being traded to San Antonio. The 6’9 big man is on a $6.9 million expiring deal, but teams won’t have interest unless he proves he is healthy and ready to take a step forward.

15. Cameron Payne

The Suns tried to trade Payne since the season ended, but the only available deal was shipping him to San Antonio with a second-round draft pick. The 28-year-old is on a $6.5 million expiring contract and could be moved as part of a larger deal at the deadline.