Ranking 5 Dejounte Murray trades packages from worst to best

Here is how the Spurs could bring Dejounte Murray back to San Antonio.
San Antonio Spurs, Dejounte Murray
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4. Spurs give up young talent to get Dejounte Murray

San Antonio has 11 players on their roster under 25 years old. They knew it would be a rebuilding season, but what pieces do they give up if it means landing an All-Star point guard? They have made four first-round draft picks in the last two years. Victor Wembanyama is not going anywhere, but others could be on the block in the right deal.

The Spurs may offer multiple young players in hopes of limiting the draft picks they have to give up. Atlanta is searching for wing depth and could be eager to get former first-round picks with room to grow.

Spurs give up young talent for Murray

Wesley has barely played and shown little when he was on the floor, but Branham could be a key piece for the Spurs. The 20-year-old has started 18 of the last 20 games he has played and averaged 9.4 points, 2.9 rebounds, and 2.6 assists in 24.5 minutes per contest in the final 18 of the calendar year.

It would hurt to lose Keldon Johnson, two 2022 first-round picks, and two future selections, but the Spurs are getting Dejounte Murray. He would finally be back in a lead ball-handling role and could blossom further playing off Wemby. San Antonio could have an elite defense and a scary offense with that star duo.

The Spurs also picks up A.J. Griffin as a young talent to develop. Griffin hasn’t played much in Atlanta but still has immense potential. San Antonio does not want to give up Branham or Wesley, but they might be forced if they are set on landing Murray.