5 Prospects Spurs should already be eyeing in the 2024 NBA Draft

Spurs will be back in the lottery and searching for someone who complements Victor Wembanyama.
San Antonio Spurs, Ron Holland
San Antonio Spurs, Ron Holland / Maria Lysaker-USA TODAY Sports
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1. Ron Holland

Holland is the favorite to go number one overall in 2024 right now. The 6’8 wing is the type of player every NBA wants. He is long and athletic with the ability to handle the ball and guard multiple positions. The 18-year-old profiles as an elite scorer with superstar upside.

Holland has an NBA-ready body and might be able to give the Spurs minutes right now. His jumper is a question mark, but the mechanics are sound. He needs reps and time to improve. It will make Holland a three-level scorer with an elite defensive potential.

Ron Holland could quickly pass Keldon Johnson and Jeremy Sochan on the depth chart and become the San Antonio Spurs' second-best player. The franchise should not pass on that because they need a point guard. If they win the lottery for the second straight year, the Spurs must pick the best player available. Right now, that is Ron Holland, but it could change as the season plays out.

The Spurs should get another talented young player to add to their core in 2024. It may be more than one, depending on how things shake out. The front office is already doing their homework, and fans should be excited. The future is bright in San Antonio, and the Spurs will return to contention in no time.