The Pros and Cons of the San Antonio Spurs pursuing Myles Turner

Myles Turner
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With reports that the Indiana Pacers are looking to shop some of their best players, one player is likely to get San Antonio Spurs fans to fire up the trade machine. Myles Turner has long been rumored to be available and now San Antonio has a chance to land him.

But should they? Turner is certainly talented, but how would he fit on the Spurs? Also, would the cost to acquire him via trade be worth it? Let's examine the pros and cons of trading for Turner.

Pro 1. Fast-tracking the Rebuild

San Antonio is still in the early stages of a rebuild and while it's off to a solid start, the Spurs could seek to fast-track it by making a splashy move. Turner might not be splashy in terms of name but he could help the Spurs skip a few steps in the process and get back in the playoff hunt both this season and next.

It should be noted that rebuilding teams who make win-now moves often quickly hit a ceiling and are usually unable to improve much afterward. Despite that, I don't believe that would necessarily be the case with the Spurs. After all, they’d have Devin Vassell and Joshua Primo, both of whom appear to have fairly high ceilings that could propel the Spurs after at least a couple of potential playoff chases with Turner.