The Pros and cons of the Spurs letting Patty Mills go

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San Antonio Spurs
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The Cons of the San Antonio Spurs retaining Patty Mills

Patty Mills is 32 years old. Yes, yes, I know I said that his age should almost be a non-factor, and there is a reason I threw in the word almost. The average player's career is only about five or six years. Patty is well above that and you can only wonder if at his age he may be more prone to injury. However, even if his body does wear down you still have that leadership aspect in place to a certain extent. Nevertheless, we must consider his age when looking at not retaining his services.

The money part is key. Mills averages roughly $12 million. At least he did over the span of the past four years. Is he worth that amount for another four? Perhaps negotiate and keep him around for two years at a discounted price? I don’t know. I am not the money guy.

I will leave that to the brilliant minds over at One AT&T Center Drive to figure that one out. I think it would be safe to say that the numbers based on his previous contract are a little steep, at least in terms of building for the future. But I think Patty may see that and see that his role with the team might be more important than that paycheck. Or, he may not, and the Spurs may be forced to let him go. Again, I am not the money guy.   

Lastly, if our favorite Australian leaves the 210, it will mark the end of an era as much as any other departure of former players involved in the dynasty days. After looking over the roster, I asked myself who will step in as the veteran leader if Patty bolts and admittedly had a tough time coming up with an acceptable answer for his replacement.

Do the Spurs really want to risk not having anyone around who knows and understands what deep playoff runs and titles look, feel, and taste like? I'm not sure they do.   

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In an offseason unlike any other, we will see what route the Spurs decide to take. Time will indeed tell all. G’day, Mate!