Spurs: Predicting When Dejounte Murray Will Become Team's Triple-Double Leader

San Antonio Spurs Dejounte Murray
San Antonio Spurs Dejounte Murray / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages

It's inevitable. Dejounte Murray will one day become the all-time leader in triple-doubles for the San Antonio Spurs.

Wednesday's historic performance against the Houston Rockets put the blossoming point guard one step closer to reaching David Robinson's mark of 14, which is the current franchise record. The result was a seventh triple-double this season, which is tied for second by any player this season as of Friday afternoon.

With 11 total triple-doubles, Murray is now just three away from tying The Admiral and four away from surpassing him. "It seems like triple-doubles are easy for him now," said Derrick White recently after Murray's latest.

Predicting When Murray Will Surpass Robinson

Given that Dejounte has tallied seven triple-doubles in half of a season, I wouldn't bet against him getting the all-time Spurs record by the time it comes to an end on April 10th. At his current pace, he's recording one every six games. If he keeps up that pace, he should be hitting 14 by the final game before the NBA All-Star break, which is February 16th at Oklahoma City.

Continuing that trend, he'll probably set the record during the Spurs' seven-game homestand beginning March 7th against the Los Angeles Lakers.

Of course, this is the scientific way to go about it. Personally, I think Murray's game is evolving so quickly that he'll probably pass up Robinson by the end of February. He's already had multiple instances of being one rebound or assist away from getting a few more under his belt.

The biggest key to getting the last few needed will be Dejounte's rebounding. There have been five occasions where he's had double-digits in points and assists but falls a couple of boards short of the accomplishment.

Ultimately, I know Murray wants to win more than anything else and would exchange all of his triple-doubles for wins, but it's still going to be an impressive feat when he eventually etches his name in the Spurs' record books.

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The Spurs are currently 3-4 when Murray records a triple-double. Hopefully, that can improve in the second half of the season.