Spurs: Positives from Every Player in Win over Wizards

San Antonio Spurs Josh Primo
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San Antonio Spurs
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Joe Wieskamp Touched the Floor

In his second-ever game up from Austin, Wieskamp didn’t really have time to make an impact, but he was sharing the floor with Cacok the whole time, so the excellence belonged to someone else tonight. He did pass up a potential 3-pointer, but as long as he gets some playing time I’m happy, as I’m his biggest believer, and have been. 

Jock Landale Scored!

In his second game back from health and safety protocols, the Australian big man shot 1-1 for two points in his garbage time minutes. Personally, I think he should get more playing time, although I no longer think he should start. Still, in his limited time, he looked rather fluid putting the ball on the floor and did impact the final score for the better, so all in all, I think Landale is slowly working his way back. 

Tre Jones is Slowly Showing He’s a Defensive Stud

Tre Jones did not ball out as he did in the win against Boston, scoring only two points on three shots. In fact, he was the only Spur who was downright disappointing tonight, but on the defensive end, he still made a positive impact.

The Wizards were not eager to take the ball his way, but when they did, he was ready and speedy to make sure he did not allow any points. For a young point guard with a defensive mentality, it’s rare to see him foul so little, but this year, he’s played in 16 games and only committed 11 fouls. Last night he had one, but it was just to stop the clock and bring in the reserves, so it doesn’t even count in my book. 

Bryn Forbes had the Perfect Game 

Well, he had the perfect game given his role on the team. He shot 4-of-6, including 2-of-3 from behind the arc. He was more than willing to attack the basket if his defender closed out too fast and make them pay, which he did twice. He also racked up a decent amount of assists and boards and did not get embarrassed on the defensive end, which is always amazing to see. Bryn should be good for ten points a night, and he delivered. 

Lonnie Walker is Very Confident

Tre Jones might not be the only player I was disappointed in tonight. Lonnie Walker also had a poor game, shooting only 1-of-6 while also not really bringing much anywhere else. I will say, it takes a lot of cojones to keep shooting, so I applaud him for that. At the very least, he might slowly be phased out for Tre Jones or Josh Primo, which would be a very welcome change.

Josh Primo Burned the House Down

While watching this game, I was shocked to see Primo get some early and real minutes. He immediately hit two threes in a row, so I was calmed down right away. He grabbed two boards and dished an assist, so in his first real playing time, he looked worthy of a lottery pick.

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I was watching the game on a dingy couch on a small flatscreen with the volume down low, but when he hit his second three my roommate, who does not care about sports, emerged from his room to see what the raucous was about. I had jumped out of my seat and knocked over some textbooks, and the roar of the AT&T Center was loud enough he heard it over his own music. Keep playing Primo and the Spurs might find themselves some new fans.