10 San Antonio Spurs that never played a single minute

Fans may struggle to remember these Spurs.
San Antonio Spurs, Luis Scola
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4. Danilo Gallinari

Gallinari needs no introduction. He has been a professional scorer and offensive weapon in the NBA since being the sixth overall pick in 2013.

The 6’10 forward has played for five different teams, but will likely add at least one franchise to his list in the 2023-24 season. He missed last season recovering from a torn ACL. Gallo was traded to the Wizards this offseason and could be moved again if he proves to be healthy.

The Spurs acquired him with four first-round draft picks from the Hawks for Dejounte Murray and Jock Landale. Atlanta needed to give up some matching salary, and Gallinari’s hefty contract did the trick. San Antonio was rebuilding, so they released Gallo just a week later, so he could sign with a contender. He found a deal from the Celtics but injured his knee before taking the floor in Boston.

Danilo Gallinari has not played for the last two teams that have acquired him. Technically, three until he plays his first game with the Washington Wizards. Can he return from a second torn ACL and still be an impactful role player at 35 years old? Fans will get to find out. Gallo is motivated to get back, and it will be fascinating to see how much he has left in the tank.