San Antonio Spurs: Potential picks have crazy Combine stats

Nah'Shon Hyland - St. Bonaventure v Virginia Commonwealth
Nah'Shon Hyland - St. Bonaventure v Virginia Commonwealth / Emilee Chinn/Getty Images

More and more news is being released that the San Antonio Spurs have been busy hosting workouts and interviews during the NBA Draft Combine. The Spurs have now been linked to the likes of Kai Jones, Keon Johnson, Trey Murphy III, Joe Wieskamp, Jordan Hall, LJ Figueroa, and MaCio Teague.

The NBA Draft Combine is now four days in, and the Spurs will surely be looking to host workouts and/or interviews for some of its standout players. After players' anthropological measurements (height, wingspan, standing reach, etc.) were released within the first couple of days of the combine, more recently, players underwent strength and agility tests.

Several players also participated in the combine's first day of five-on-five scrimmages, where there were a few key standouts that the Spurs may want to pay attention to. Here's what we've noticed from the past two days of combine activities.

San Antonio Spurs
Scottie Barnes - Florida State v Michigan / Jamie Squire/Getty Images

The San Antonio Spurs will have tons of athletic players to choose from

The large majority of the combine's participants were recently put through several strength and agility tests, including a measure of players' standing and maximum vertical jumps, a shuttle run, a three-quarter sprint, and a lane agility test.

Considering that I've seen others claim in the past that their athleticism is overstated, one of the first things I noticed is that both Scottie Barnes and Ziaire Williams performed quite well in nearly every metric. In fact, both players placed in the top ten in every metric except the three-quarter sprint. For those two players measured heights (with shoes) coming in at 6'8" and 6'9.75", respectively, that's an impressive showing of athleticism for both players.

Being that the Spurs recently held an interview with Tennessee's Keon Johnson, some of his numbers stuck out as well. Specifically, he recorded a 48-inch maximum vertical jump, which blows out the previous NBA record. That is not a typo-- Johnson was actually able to jump four feet in the air. He also recorded an impressive 41.5-inch standing vertical jump and a three-second three-quarter court sprint. While his fit would be questionable with the Spurs, these numbers are still otherworldly.

Lastly, I was pleased with Charles Bassey's numbers, as he was able to place in the top three in all metrics out of all centers that were measured. Granted, there are only seven centers that had their strength and agility numbers recorded, but this still confirms that Bassey is as athletic as he appeared to be. This was also an impressive feat considering his injury history.

San Antonio Spurs
Quentin Grimes - Houston v Baylor / Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

Several potential Spurs stood out in combine scrimmages

Not only were players' strength and agility measurements taken, but several combine participants were able to participate in the first day of five-on-five scrimmages. I personally noticed three players that Spurs scouts may want to take a look at in the near future.

In the first scrimmage game, two players that particularly stood out to me were Nah'Shon "Bones" Hyland and Makur Maker. Beginning with Hyland, the 6'3" combo guard from VCU made himself quite noticed and was definitely the best player in the first scrimmage game. He posted 17 points, 6 rebounds, and 4 assists in just over 23 minutes of play and shot 3/5 from beyond the arc.

During the NCAA season, while he hit only 37% of his threes (which is good, but not great), one theory is that he would have recorded much better outside shooting numbers if he had not taken such difficult shots. Considering he was able to hit three of his five three-point shots in this scrimmage, it's possible that sentiment may have been correct. If the Spurs are thinking of letting go of one of their shooting guards, Hyland could be a good replacement that has shooting upside.

While not as impressive as Hyland, Makur Maker also impressed in his 20 minutes of playing time, posting 9 points, 4 rebounds, and an assist. Maker was notably only able to play two games during his time with Howard University due to injury, COVID-19, and an eventual shutdown of the basketball program for the season. Given that many didn't know what to expect from the 6'11" center, this was a decent showing from him.

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In the second scrimmage game, both Quentin Grimes and Neemias Queta continued to impress and led their team to a blowout victory. Grimes was able to record 12 points, 6 rebounds, and 3 assists, while Queta recorded 15 points, 8 rebounds, 1 steal, and 1 block in his 20 minutes of play. Both of these players could be fantastic options for the Spurs in the second round of the draft if they're looking for a shooter (in Grimes) or another big man (in Queta).