4 Moves the Spurs must make after signing Chris Paul

The Spurs have more work to do this offseason.
San Antonio Spurs, Chris Paul, Gregg Popovich
San Antonio Spurs, Chris Paul, Gregg Popovich / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages
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The San Antonio Spurs convinced Chris Paul to join Victor Wembanyama. It is no small feat selling an all-time great to play for your franchise. CP3 is past his prime, but the agreement speaks to the greatness and potential of Wemby.

Paul unquestionably makes the Spurs better. They may not be ready to make the playoffs or compete with the best teams in the Western Conference, but the future Hall of Famer will teach their young talent plenty about thriving in the NBA. That alone will make this signing a win, even if CP3’s on-court production is lacking.

The Spurs cannot be done making moves. They want to slow play their build around Wembanyama to be in title contention for years with multiple building blocks. Still, San Antonio must work their way to that point, and there is no time like the present to set yourself up for success.

4. Add another veteran

Chris Paul is the only player on the Spurs roster over 27 who is projected to play minutes. Save for Zach Collins, the rest of their group is under 25 and lacks NBA experience. CP3’s importance is unquestioned, but San Antonio cannot have just one veteran on their 15-man roster.

There were rumors of interest in Nicolas Batum, but he returned to the Clippers in free agency. He would have been the perfect fit. Batum’s versatile skill set and leadership are just what the Spurs should be searching for.

Paul will take a crucial mentor role in San Antonio for the 2024-25 season, but can they find another veteran to lighten his workload? Several options are available, and the Spurs should be eager to help Victor Wembanyama and their young talent blossom. What better way than learning from someone who has already done it?

They cannot just add one veteran and call it an offseason. San Antonio’s front office should be working the phones on trades and trying to upgrade their roster.