San Antonio Spurs: Media disgraceful after USA's 0-2 start

Gregg Popovich - Nigeria v United States
Gregg Popovich - Nigeria v United States / Ethan Miller/Getty Images
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In true "sports entertainment" fashion, large sports media outlets have recently sparked a bit of a firestorm over San Antonio Spurs and USA Men's National Team head coach Gregg Popovich. Before tonight's win against Argentina, the Men's National Team had lost two games in a row for the first time since the 2019 Basketball World Cup.

Obviously, even considering that these first few games have only been exhibition matches, a bit of concern is justifiable. After all, Team USA has lost their last four out of six matches and could have found themselves in a three-game losing streak in a loss against Argentina. Despite the team being full of All-Stars, fans are understandably unsure about how they'll fare in the Olympics at this point.

With that in mind, several sports news outlets seem to be much more concerned about stirring the pot and generating a story rather than providing a thought-provoking analysis of the team. NBA social media circles, and particularly those on Twitter, are now bursting at the seams with takes that Gregg Popovich is disrespectful to the media (in the same vein as Kyrie Irving), was reliant on the talent of Tim Duncan, and that he is generally overvalued as a coach.

While I personally disagree with those assessments, I'm not here to share a monologue that details why Gregg Popovich is the antithesis of all of those things, as that would essentially be preaching to the choir. Rather, I'm here to call out the statements and behavior of sports media outlets in the wake of the Men's National Team's latest performances.