Spurs legend hits waiver wire and fans are calling for his return home

San Antonio Spurs legend Patty Mills was released by the Atlanta Hawks today, and fans are calling for him to return home to mentor the young squad.
Brooklyn Nets v San Antonio Spurs
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It was a wild offseason for former San Antonio Spurs legend Patty Mills, as he was traded not once, not twice, but three times, which had him on the hunt for his next home. After brief stops in Houston and Oklahoma City, he reached his final destination with the Atlanta Hawks, also reuniting with former teammate Dejounte Murray.

Unfortunately, Patty wasn't finding himself in the rotation within Quinn Synder's system. He has only been put on the floor for nineteen games throughout the year and has not logged many minutes either, as his average for the season sits at 10.6 a night. Mills is also putting up his lowest scoring average since his rookie season at 2.7 points per game. However, with a lack of playtime, his numbers will suffer.

Bring Patty Mills back home to the Spurs

This morning, it was announced by Shams that Atlanta would be parting ways with the 35-year-old veteran, and diehard fans of the Spurs began to take to X (formerly Twitter) all in unison to request the Spurs bring back the longtime legend.

Fans know the services that Mills provided in his long tenure with the Silver and Black, one of the better backup point guards in the entire association who could consistently light up from three-point territory. He was also a straight hustler on every play, providing 110% effort every minute he was on the floor.

In his short time with Atlanta, he displayed that he still had plenty of juice left in the tank, and the Spurs desperately need a veteran who can shoot the ball, see the floor, and mentor the young guys. Mills can do all of that, as he's done throughout his career. Patty is also shooting the ball well from beyond the arc, at 38.2%.

This young squad needs guidance, and Patty was the epitome of Spurs culture during his time with the team. It's been three years since his departure with the Silver and Black, and now it might be the perfect storybook ending to Mills' career, with everything he has left in him capped off in what could be the rebirth of the Spurs dynasty.