Spurs land sharpshooting star in tantalizing trade proposal with Jazz

Following the signing of future Hall of Famer Chris Paul, the San Antonio Spurs have been linked to a Utah Jazz All-Star, but can they actually land him?
Devin Vassell, Victor Wembanyama
Devin Vassell, Victor Wembanyama / Michael Reaves/GettyImages
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Would the Spurs and Jazz agree to the deal?

While the Spurs are still building their roster, it's clear that they can use a lot more shooting, especially after drafting Stephon Castle and likely pairing him with Jeremy Sochan in the starting five after next season. Addressing that now by making a deal for Markkanen would not only help them in the win column but also help players such as Castle develop.

It will cost the Spurs, however, with them having to give up four first-round picks as well as Johnson to convince Utah to potentially agree on a deal. Nevertheless, Markkanen has been one of the best shooters in the NBA over the last two seasons but isn't just a shooter, with him being able to score off cuts, in transition, and by putting the ball on the floor. Pairing him with Wembanyama would help both Markkanen get more open shots and Wembanyama from being swarmed with teams sagging off of the Spurs' non-shooters.

For the Jazz, the primary reason they are probably shopping Markkanen is that they are hesitant to pay him a max extension, which would be around $250 million. It will be easier to trade him, not since he is making less than $20 million for next season, and with the value of a star at an all-time high thanks to the Bridges trade, they may want to sell high.

There is also the chance that they try to tank for Cooper Flagg, much like the Spurs did by moving Dejounte Murray to tank for Wembanyama. As a result, the Spurs and Jazz could potentially agree to the proposed deal.