SA Spurs: Perkins has bizarre response to Coach Pop call-out

Kendrick Perkins
Kendrick Perkins / Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

Kendrick Perkins made it clear a long time ago he isn't the biggest fan of San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich. "The fact of the matter is a lot of guys don't look pleased or happy on the court. Nine times out of 10, it's a reflection of the coach."

That's how Perkins responded to me early on in Team USA's gold-medal bid after I went after him. Of course, I had to do quite a bit of editing to make it sound decent. Oh yeah, and he immediately deleted that comment.

Perkins didn't stop there, later calling out Coach Pop's "ego" after he "disrespected Khris Middleton", something that simply didn't happen.

Even with his countrymen seconds away from winning the gold medal, Perkins couldn't resist taking yet another shot at the legendary coach on Twitter, saying "I'm glad we don't have to deal with Greg Pop no more after these Olympics!" Yes, he once again misspelled Gregg's first name in the tweet that he promptly deleted as well.

What followed after the game was an enjoyable call-out of people who had an anti-Pop agenda throughout the Olympics by the superstar of all superstars. (Expletive warning)

"They were saying he couldn't get us to lock in," said Kevin Durant. "Stop playing, man." It only got better when Draymond Green joined in on the fun, specifically calling Kendrick out by name. (Again, expletive warning)

"Act like you're American," said Green, calling out Kendrick's constant complaints about the Men's Olympic Basketball team.

Kendrick Perkins' bizarre Twitter response

As someone who can't help but immediately respond and then delete his replies, Perkins did so again on Friday night, tagging Draymond in what appeared to be a tweet pre-translated into Spanish. He quickly took down the tweet, but not before I was able to capture a screenshot.

Just like what happens when he tweets in English, his Spanish tweet didn't make any sense, meaning he somehow accidentally translated it before hitting the tweet button. He later tweeted the same thing in English, getting several funny responses from users wondering why he suddenly was bilingual.

Kendrick thrives on attention, whether it's positive or negative, and he loves taking the spotlight any time he can. Just observe how he made the huge moment of Team USA winning gold about him:

While I know writing an article about him is exactly what he wants, I just found it too funny how he appeared to have a meltdown once his made-up rival in Gregg Popovich got it done for his country.

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Even though I can't stand you, gracias por el entretenimiento, Señor Perkins.