San Antonio Spurs: Josh Primo offers a unique offensive upside

Joshua Primo
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There are two aspects that Joshua Primo can immediately impact the Spurs on the floor offensively.
He's immediately one of the best shooters on the team. His ability to impact a game without the ball as a shooter and a cutter will pay dividends quickly. He also has the ability to defend 1-3 on any given night with his 6-11 wingspan and fluid agility.

Being a sound 3&D guard is worth a lot in today's league, but selecting such a young prospect and having him fill out a low-usage role would be a downer from a fan and organization perspective.

The Spurs need Primo to become the three-level shot creator that he's shown flashes of becoming. Being a self-creator in that aspect is immensely important in today's league. Being ultra-dynamic in the ability to impact a game offensively is what separates the good from the really good, from the really good to the great.

San Antonio needs Primo to be just that. A three-level creator for himself at first, which will eventually transition into being able to create for his teammates. Being a low-usage role player is fine, but not when San Antonio took this big of a leap on a player who was routinely listed as a late first-round prospect.

While there's pressure on the Spurs to get this pick right, and there's pressure undeservedly on the shoulders of Joshua Primo, there's a strong reason to believe in this kid.

In every game of his freshman season, it seems as if he's only improved game in and game out. So much so, his new teammate, Lonnie Walker IV, has taken note of it.

We've discussed his age numerous times. It's something you can't avoid. Yes, there are plenty of instances where he looks all of an 18-year-old player, but there are also plenty of times where you sit back and think, "Man, if he went to the right situation, that team could make something out of him."

Luckily for him, that organization just so happens to be the one that's turned late first-round picks and second-round hopefuls into consistent contributors on contending teams. The San Antonio Spurs and Josh Primo have a ways to go when it comes to fulfilling all of his upsides, but there's good reason to believe in him.

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