Grade the trade: Spurs land a mentor for Victor Wembanyama in proposal

San Antonio Spurs, Victor Wembanyama
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Would the San Antonio Spurs accept this trade?

The Spurs have more draft picks than they can make over the next seven years, but there is little need to give up one to acquire Evan Fournier. There is an argument that they are dumping Devonte Graham’s contract, but they are taking on a worse one.

Fournier makes $6.7 million more this season, and both players have two years left on their deal. The 6’7 wing was not part of the Knicks rotation last season and his best days could be behind him.

The Lakers' second-round pick in 2024 will likely be near the end of the draft, but there is no need for the Spurs to part with it here. They are swapping bad contracts, but taking on additional money.

San Antonio lacks roster space too. If Fournier is going to be on the roster for the entire season, that leaves the Spurs three players they must trim before opening night. Those will not be easy cuts, and more trades could be on the horizon.

Grade: C-

This is not the worst trade because Evan Fournier may be able to help Victor Wembanyama’s development, and the Spurs could rehab his value and flip him for more capital at the deadline. They should not be giving up draft capital to acquire him. Fournier is not part of the Knicks' plans, which means he should come at no cost.

The San Antonio Spurs have more moves to make, and fans should stay tuned to see what they can pull off before opening night against the Dallas Mavericks on Oct. 25.