Grade the trade: Spurs land a mentor for Victor Wembanyama in proposal

San Antonio Spurs, Victor Wembanyama
San Antonio Spurs, Victor Wembanyama / Lucas Peltier-USA TODAY Sports
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The San Antonio Spurs are giving Victor Wembanyama time to develop after taking the generational talent with the number one overall pick. The Spurs had cap space to improve their roster, but the front office focused on adding more draft capital by trading for undesired contracts. San Antonio could make more moves, but they are confident in slow playing things and giving Wemby time to blossom.

The teenage prodigy could change that. If he quickly blossoms into a superstar, the Spurs will likely try to build a contender around him. That could mean making a blockbuster trade or loading up on young talent in hopes of being the next dynasty.

If the Spurs are not focused on wins in year one with Wembanyama, they should attempt to maximize his development. They have a few veterans on their roster, but could the addition of a few specific players help the top pick quickly become a star?

Will the San Antonio Spurs acquire help for Victor Wembanyama?

The Spurs have 20 players on their roster, which is the offseason maximum. They will have to cut someone if they decide to add a player, and San Antonio must trim down to 15 players plus three two-way contracts before the start of the regular season. Roster moves are coming, but will they feature another trade?

There are still some marquee names on the block, and the Spurs could again look to jump in as the third team. Some franchises are still looking to dump an unwanted contract or two as they gear up for contention. San Antonio is in a fantastic spot, but can they capitalize?

The latest proposal has the Spurs adding a key veteran that can help Victor Wembanyama, but at what price?