Spurs: 1 Goal for Every Starter For Final 23 Games

San Antonio Spurs v Chicago Bulls
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San Antonio Spurs
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2. Devin Vassell: Get more clutch shots to fall

Having just been thrust into a starting role four games ago after the departure of Derrick White, Devin Vassell has settled into his new spot nicely thus far. He's averaging 13.5 points per contest since getting the starting nod and has shown he's becoming more opportunistic as a scorer.

An area Devin could stand to improve in, though, is his clutch shooting. In the final five minutes of games where the score is within five points, he's shooting a dreadful 1-for-15. Part of this is shot selection. 7 of his 11 misses from three in clutch time came from 25 feet out or further.

If he's getting handed the ball out there with two seconds on the shot clock, there isn't much else we can ask of him. But when that's not the case, I'd like to see him attack closeouts and get to his sweet spot for elbow jumpers.

San Antonio Spurs
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3. Keldon Johnson: Contest and block more shots

The impact Keldon Johnson has made for San Antonio as a 3-point threat this year is hard to overstate. He's become one of their most reliable options from beyond the arc and has made a remarkable turnaround from the start of the season. It's the other side of the floor, however, where I think he can make his next big jump.

As a 6-6 forward, you'd think Keldon may be a tad undersized when matching up against other competitors while playing the three or four. But in this era of small ball, that isn't always the case. Additionally, Keldon is a player that's always played big and physical, in part due to his strength.

For the season, he has just seven blocks as opposed to 24 in 69 games last season. I certainly think he could benefit from hunting for more blocked shots and honing his rim protector mentality. The good news is there's plenty of Tim Duncan tape at Spurs HQ to dig through if he needs any pointers.

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