San Antonio Spurs full City Edition Jersey schedule for 2023-24

Minnesota Timberwolves v San Antonio Spurs
Minnesota Timberwolves v San Antonio Spurs / Ronald Cortes/GettyImages

The San Antonio Spurs debuted their city edition jerseys at home in a back-and-forth matchup with Minnesota Timberwolves on Friday night, blanketing Frost Bank Center in an ocean of brown, cream, orange, and teal that popped against the backdrop of their In-Season Tournament court. Some fans adored the throwback color palette. Others mocked the threads for their unfortunate resemblance to local food chain Bill Miller Bar-B-Q.

Regardless of where you might fall on the love-hate spectrum, no one can deny that these uniforms accomplished their goal of speaking to the history of the 2-1-0. Everything about their design drew inspiration from the 1968 HemisFair that San Antonio hosted 55 years ago, with lively hues, striking fonts, and a brand-new secondary logo that pays homage to the Tower of the Americas, which was the theme structure of the World Fair.

Despite the divisive reception of the latest team apparel, Spurs fans will have plenty of time to let this gear grow on them during the season. And it is tough to say Victor Wembanyama and company didn't look fantastic even amid another frustrating loss.

When will the Spurs wear their City Edition Jerseys?

β€’ Spurs vs. Kings on November 17th
β€’ Spurs vs. Clippers on November 20th
β€’ Spurs @ Nuggets on November 26th
β€’ Spurs @ Pelicans on December 1st
β€’ Spurs vs. Lakers on December 15th
β€’ Spurs @ Bucks on December 19th
β€’ Spurs vs. Celtics on December 31st
β€’ Spurs @ Hawks on January 15th
β€’ Spurs vs. Thunder on January 24th
β€’ Spurs vs. Cavaliers on February 3rd
β€’ Spurs vs. Mavericks on March 19th
β€’ Spurs vs. Suns on March 25th
β€’ Spurs vs. Warriors on March 31st

Yahoo Sports recentlyΒ ranked their five favorite city edition jerseys,Β and the Spurs finished second only behind the Phoenix Suns. The author, Callie Lawson-Freeman, even went as far as to say, "San Antonio might have checked the hyper-local heritage box better than any other team."

Despite trading their festive fiesta tones for a more retro vibe, few franchises matched their creativity and commitment to honoring their roots. Tune in Friday as the Spurs don their city edition jerseys in a nationally televised In-Season Tournament showdown versus the Sacramento Kings.