Spurs: 3 Free agent targets that got away, 3 to still pursue for 2024

San Antonio Spurs, Brook Lopez, Jakob Poeltl
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San Antonio Spurs free agent still to target: 3. Mason Plumlee

The Spurs' desire to put a big man next to Victor Wembanyama should not be overlooked. They want someone with enough size to guard Nikola Jokic that can rebound the ball and fits into the “Spurs Way”.

Ahead of the 2019 FIBA World Cup, Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich called Mason Plumlee “an ultimate teammate” because he plays whatever role is asked of him. It is why Pop selected him for Team USA and the reason he would like to bring him to San Antonio. Plumlee is not their top target, but the Spurs have to spend to reach the salary floor. Plumlee could be the best option as the center the franchise desires.

The 6’11 big man’s one weakness is shot-blocking, but Wembanyama could pick up the slack. He was the best shot-blocker in the rookie class, and the 7’4 big man should quickly become a rim deterrent in the NBA. Plumlee can fight on the glass and battle down low as Wemby comes from the weak side to protect the rim.

Mason Plumlee is one of several options still available, and what if the Spurs decide to add in the backcourt to complement their prized rookie?