Spurs: 3 Free agent targets that got away, 3 to still pursue for 2024

San Antonio Spurs, Brook Lopez, Jakob Poeltl
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1. Fred VanVleet

The Spurs' biggest needs were point guard and center entering the offseason. They brought back Tre Jones, but many experts thought San Antonio would try to make a massive splash in free agency on Fred VanVleet. It was a Texas team that did, but the Spurs avoided overpaying the 29-year-old former All-Star.

The Rockets gave FVV a three-year worth $130 million to be their starter. He will be the fifth-highest-paid point guard in the league next season behind only Stephen Curry, Damian Lillard, Luka Doncic, and Trae Young. It is a hefty price to pay, but Houston desperately needed a culture-setter to lead their young roster as they hope to get back into contention.

Fred VanVleet got a three-year maximum contract, so the only way San Antonio could have outbid them was by adding a fourth season. The Spurs did not have the cap space or desire to overpay for the 6’1 guard. VanVleet will try to get Houston back on track, but it won’t be easy after winning 59 games over the last three seasons combined.

It was not a fantastic start to free agency for the San Antonio Spurs, but who can they target to salvage things? The front office has money to spend, and there is still plenty of talent available.