3 free-agent flops Spurs rightfully avoided, 2 home runs they missed out on

The Spurs avoided spending in free agency, but do they already regret it?
San Antonio Spurs, Fred VanVleet
San Antonio Spurs, Fred VanVleet / Meg Oliphant/GettyImages
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The San Antonio Spurs have more than $37 million in cap space in the offseason. They had just drafted Victor Wembanyama and wanted to give the incredibly hyped-prospect time to develop. Instead of spending on free agents, the Spurs acted as the third team in trades and added draft capital over win-now talent.

San Antonio is off to a slow start and has the worst point differential in the league. They are experimenting with Jeremy Sochan at point guard and letting their young talent play. Wemby is already proving to be a star, and it has to have fans wondering what could have been.

If the Spurs spent in free agency to upgrade their roster would they be in the playoff hunt? The Rockets did and are back in the mix. These five free agents could been targets for San Antonio, but how would the Spurs feel after the first month?

Free agent flop: Gabe Vincent

The Spurs' need for a point guard is apparent, but it has been a rough start to the year for Gabe Vincent. The 27-year-old signed a three-year $33 million contract with the Lakers after helping the Heat reach the NBA Finals. He was a starter and key role player in Miami, but things have not gone as planned in LA.

Vincent averaged just 6.0 points, 3.0 assists, and 1.5 rebounds in 28.3 minutes per game during his first four contests with the Lakers. He came off the bench but twice played over 30 minutes before a knee injury has kept him out since Oct. 30.

There is still time for Gabe Vincent to prove himself, but it has been a rough start to his tenure in Los Angeles. He would certainly make the Spurs better, but the 6’3 guard must play better to live up to his current contract.