Fans, Air Alamo Weigh In: Should Spurs Offer Zach LaVine the Max?

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Spurs Fans Address a Zach LaVine Max Offer

The question I posed was simple. Would you clear up the space and offer $36.6 million to Zach LaVine this summer? As expected, there was plenty of engagement over the next several hours with mixed results.

"We already have 6'5" guards/small forwards. Wouldn't do it," said @JasKeller. "No, because it doesn't solve our biggest issue. We need a modern PF," said @Giantstepps. Some needed just one word to respond:

Others fairly questioned LaVine's durability given his history of injuries and knee issues:

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, LaVine downplayed his discomfort throughout the season in his left knee and will have surgery soon. Per a source cited by the article, LaVine's knee was at "about 50% on a good day." Still, the report says the knee issue isn't degenerative in nature and shouldn't be something he deals with long-term. Time will tell.

Some fans had no hesitation that the Spurs should go all-in on LaVine.

"Zach LaVine is not a guy who is going to put a team on his back and lead them to a championship," added @BradWard757. "He's a great guy but he's not a franchise player."

In looking at all the comments as a whole, the majority seemed to lean toward not offering LaVine such a contract, but there were plenty of dissenting opinions, as you can see.

Next, I'll jump into what the Air Alamo staff and I think about this question and get into what ESPN's Bobby Marks thinks will happen this offseason.