Spurs Fans Roast NBA Account for Asking Ridiculous Question

San Antonio Spurs Manu Ginobili, Tony Parker, Tim Duncan
San Antonio Spurs Manu Ginobili, Tony Parker, Tim Duncan / Hannah Foslien/GettyImages

Fans have been keeping busy reminding the world just how dominant the San Antonio Spurs were for so long.

Just a couple of days after former NBA guard Eddie Johnson tried to call Tim Duncan irrelevant at 37 years old and was shamed into apologizing, another victim has quickly arisen.

NBA Retweet, an account with over 306,000 followers, posed this question to Twitter on Sunday:

"True or False: The Spurs' legendary Big Three could play in this era and dominate in the same fashion they did," reads the tweet.

The question seems innocent enough at first glance until you remember -- oh yeah, those guys won 67 games together just six seasons ago. They also won an NBA title together with the legendary "Beautiful Game" team that formed as a blueprint for the new era of ball movement basketball in 2014.

Needless to say, Spurs fans couldn't help but ridicule the question that was pretty much already answered by the Big Three themselves not too long ago.

"They won a championship in 2014. It's not like they played against the Bill Russell Celtics," said @NotThtImportnt. "Spurs created this era," responded @BHogg2021.

The results speak for themselves, as @jdot_tde aptly pointed out: "50+ wins every single year. You think they'd just stop?"

Even non-Spurs fans joined the fray on the tweet that's now been quote tweeted over 105 times.

My favorite response, however, came from a long-time Spurs fan and a hilarious follow on Twitter, Dylan Gonzalez.

In the final season the Big Three played together in 2015-16, the Spurs finished 67-15 and were the top-rated NBA defense. They were also the fourth-best offensive team, second in 3-point percentage, and third in assists. I think it's safe to say they'd be just fine in 2021.

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Even when accounts are probably just looking for engagement and might not mean harm, it's always amusing to see Spurs and NBA fans alike join forces to make fun of things that should be obvious. Can it be petty? Sure, but that's San Antonio pride for you.