Spurs Fans Pile on NBA Vlogger for Horrific Take

San Antonio Spurs Fans
San Antonio Spurs Fans / Ronald Cortes/GettyImages

I'll be the first one to admit: I don't have enough knowledge of every NBA team to cover them all. Sure, I could do research and eventually get to that point, but there's a reason I specialize in San Antonio Spurs content: it's what I know best.

That's why when I spot something like what I came across on Tuesday, I have to do a double-take. An NBA analyst who goes by the handle "Sporting Logical(ly)" across several platforms shared this graphic to promote his YouTube video ranking the future of every franchise. Let's just say I'm not sure he lives up to the brand name on this one.

In a seemingly random tier list, he puts the Spurs in the bottom tier with the LA Clippers while teams with considerably fewer assets and less young talent are ranked higher.

San Antonio Spurs fans go on the attack

There's a lot to dissect about why this opinion is extremely questionable, but as I love to do, I'll let you guys explain why.

Even fans of other teams joined in on questioning the ranking.

Don't get me wrong. I respect creators in this field who go out on a limb with bold takes and make videos fans of every team can watch and break down. But I think that inherently come with some blind spots for some of the less popular teams, particularly ones that, I don't know, have zero games on national television.

Of course, it's perfectly fine for Tucker to have his own opinions, well-researched or not. But if there's one thing I've learned from Spurs Twitter, it's that they're not going to let you off easy.

A day after the tweet, Tucker took notice of the wrath of Spurs fans.

In his video, some of the reasons Tucker lists for dropping the Spurs to last in his rankings include:

  • Not being excited about anyone on the roster outside of Dejounte Murray
  • The future of the coaching position being uncertain
  • Limited young talent

You can watch the video for yourself for the full reasoning if you feel so inclined.

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It'll be up to the Spurs to prove analysis like this wrong in the near future, but something tells me these rankings are going to age very poorly in the next few years.