Spurs fans have mostly positive reactions to Jeremy Sochan pick

2022 NBA Draft
2022 NBA Draft / Sarah Stier/GettyImages

The San Antonio Spurs stuck to the script this season and took lottery-predicted forward Jeremy Sochan from Baylor with the 9th overall pick in the 2022 NBA Draft. Last season, they shocked the world and reached for Joshua Primo. But this season, the Spurs decided to be fairly predictable.

While fans lost their collective minds during the 2021 NBA Draft, this season, the feedback from arm-chair GMs seemed to be much more positive, so it’s good to see the front office and fanbase mostly on the same page. 

Not only was Sochan the best player available, but he is also a really good fit on a team that sorely lacked talent at the power forward position. The entire first round seemed to give fans some faith, as San Antonio got a great player in Sochan, a developmental project, and a big swing to finish out the first round. 

The Spurs have a great defense already with Dejounte Murray, Devin Vassell, and Jakob Poeltl, but it’s always good to have additional defensive assets. If everything goes well next season, the young guys should add some firepower on the defensive side of the ball. 

Historically, the Spurs are known for winning, professionalism, and team basketball. It results in championships but not necessarily personality. Not only is Jeremy Sochan one of the best players on the team (hopefully), but he might even add some extra flair.

Of course, not everyone is a fan of the pick because, why would everyone ever be happy? Instead of offering insight into what the Spurs could have used, some keyboard executives are just throwing names out into the void.

I hope it was worth the 15 likes, Will. I also hope you’re wrong. 

While the Spurs were not drafting for fit, it helps when the best player on the board is a great fit in the starting five. There’s always a positive way to look at things, and this might be the best mindset to have.

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At least for a day, there's peace among Spurs fans.