Spurs fans assemble to ridicule wild Giannis/Duncan take

Tim Duncan, Giannis Antetokounmpo
Tim Duncan, Giannis Antetokounmpo / Wesley Hitt/GettyImages

It's easy to get carried away when your favorite player is being dominant, but San Antonio Spurs fans aren't about to let absurd comparisons slide. One overzealous Milwaukee Bucks fan found that out on Monday.

Marking the 27th birthday of 2021 NBA Finals MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo, Twitter account @MilwaukeeMamba thought they were being slick when they posted their birthday wish.

"Happy 27th Birthday to the Greatest PF this league has ever seen," says the tweet.

Ok, first let me preface this with a couple of things. If I was tagging my favorite athlete in a tweet, I'm sure I'd embellish a little bit too. I also know the value of giving hot takes for clout as opposed to stating the obvious, which isn't as attention-seeking. I imagine what the author here is doing is a combination of those two things.

With that said, in case this misguided soul might actually believe such a thing, allow me to simply link you all to the resume of the actual greatest power forward of all time, Tim Duncan. I could sit here and argue about the sustained excellence for 19 seasons, or the 15 All-Star and All-Defensive selections, or the Finals MVPs, but I think his accolades speak for themselves.

Instead, I wanted to highlight one of my favorite things about the Spurs community on Twitter: they aren't going to let such statements go unchecked.

"I love Giannis, but let's see if he can even get to 3 rings before we crown him "greatest PF ever," said @jobes44. "Don't do that. Don't make me slander Giannis," said @SrATMmechanic.

Others had a bit more to say on the matter.

Giannis has had an impressive start, but let's settle down

I understand we'll eventually get to a point where new fans never had the privilege of watching Tim Duncan in his prime. In fact, we're probably already there with a lot of new fans. Still, that can't take away from how dominant of a force he was both individually and as the anchor of a dynasty.

My suspicions that this post was more for attention than anything else was later validated when @MilwaukeeMamba followed up their original post with a follow-up statement.

"Spurs Twitter weak asl for not packing me up," he later tweeted. I assume that means he expected more call-outs than the ones he got from the Spurs' faithful.

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Although it's not the way I'd go about looking or attention, at least it makes more sense. Let's wait another decade before we really consider even entertaining the thought.