SA Spurs: Drew Eubanks reveals reworked, deadlier jump shot

San Antonio Spurs Drew Eubanks
San Antonio Spurs Drew Eubanks / Ronald Cortes/Getty Images

Fun fact: Drew Eubanks led the San Antonio Spurs in 3-point shooting in each of the last two seasons. Granted, he's only taken three total, but hey, he's made them all. Now entering his fourth season with the Spurs, it appears Drew is planning to show the league there's more where that came from.

"In this moment, I've never felt more confident than I do in my shooting," said Eubanks on At The Line Podcast, hosted by Ty Jäger, Noah Magaro-George, and Air Alamo contributor Nic Yarbro. The response came in a Q&A the show held with the 23-year-old center that was opened up to the Spurs' fanbase.

"Do you feel confident enough in your 3-point shooting to show out this season from behind the arc?" Eubanks was asked.

"Chip [Engelland] and I didn't revamp my shot but changed quite a lot of things," answered Drew. "It's just made me more confident in it. He's told me, 'you're one of the best shooters on the team when you shoot the ball. But your problem is you don't shoot the ball. ' "

The numbers certainly agree with Chip about Drew's hesitation to shoot from the outside. In his three years in the league, Eubanks has only attempted one three every 380 minutes. Still, if The Shot Doctor himself compliments your jumper, you know you've got something.

"It's not just good enough to be able to knock down the shots in practice. But [it's about] being able to have that mentality to read a situation and know when and where to not shoot," continued Eubanks.

Drew then went into detail about not exactly having the green light to shoot jumpers at Oregon State, something that likely affected his mentality at the pro level. But with an upcoming season in which everything is more of a free-for-all than ever with this roster, don't be surprised to see Eubanks pop out behind the line a few more times.

You can listen to the rest of the interview above, in which Eubanks talks about his earth-shattering dunk over Thanasis Antetokounmpo, video games, food, the upcoming season, and more.