San Antonio Spurs: 10 Best Shooters in the 2021 NBA Draft

Davion Mitchell - Baylor v Gonzaga
Davion Mitchell - Baylor v Gonzaga / Jamie Squire/Getty Images
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San Antonio Spurs Draft Shooters 2 and 1

San Antonio Spurs
Jared Butler - Baylor v Gonzaga / Jamie Squire/Getty Images

2. Jared Butler - Combo Guard, Baylor

While I was well aware that Jared Butler was doing great things for Baylor all year long, looking at what he was able to accomplish once everything was said and done made me realize just how impactful he was. Between him and Mitchell, I think Butler is far more worthy of a lottery or near-lottery pick.

In terms of efficiency, he competes with or surpasses most on this list even including guys like Kispert. He shot 42% on his threes his past season on high volume, including shooting an astounding 51% on catch-and-shoot threes. He has deep range, can make tough shots moving in the opposite direction, knows how to move off the ball, and has a passing ability that perfectly compliments his scoring ability.

If that isn't enough, he's likely also one of the best defensive guards in this draft with elite lateral quickness and fantastic instincts with both on-ball and off-ball help defense situations.

I don't have many bad things to say about Butler, and admittedly it was a huge misstep to not include him on our first draft big board. I will have my eyes firmly on Butler come draft night in case the Spurs decide to surprise their fans yet again with another guard.

San Antonio Spurs
Cade Cunningham - Oregon State v Oklahoma State / Andy Lyons/Getty Images

1. Cade Cunningham - Point Forward, Oklahoma State

It feels increasingly tiring to see Cade Cunningham top every mock, big board, list, or really any other draft-related content, but here we are again.

Only three other players on this list shot more threes over the course of the NCAA season than Cunningham, and yet he remained very consistent. He shot 40% overall from three, about 43% on catch-and-shoot threes, and a respectable 35% on pull-up threes.

Cunningham can seemingly do it all, was one of the most impactful players in the NCAA on both sides of the floor, and very well could turn out to be a superstar in the league. Beyond that, there isn't much else that needs to be said about him. He will almost definitely be the first overall pick, and for very good reasons, including his shooting.