San Antonio Spurs: 10 Best Shooters in the 2021 NBA Draft

Davion Mitchell - Baylor v Gonzaga
Davion Mitchell - Baylor v Gonzaga / Jamie Squire/Getty Images
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San Antonio Spurs Draft Shooters 4 and 3

San Antonio Spurs
Corey Kispert - Baylor v Gonzaga / Jamie Squire/Getty Images

4. Corey Kispert - Wing, Gonzaga

Corey Kispert had has Joe Harris comparisons being thrown at him since well before the NCAA season even started, and it isn't particularly difficult to see why. He was easily one of the most efficient and high-volume three-point shooters in all of college basketball, hitting or surpassing 41% on all three-point metrics.

His shot mechanics are overwhelmingly consistent, he's capable of shooting on the move, has a quick trigger, and seems totally unfazed by contests from perimeter defenders. He moves very well off the ball and seems to create shots for himself very well.

Aside from his shooting though, he's also become a very decent finisher at the rim, and in my opinion, his athleticism is just a bit underrated. He is by no means explosive or lightning-fast, but what he's able to do gets the job done.

With all of this in mind though, this is about all he's known for. He is 100% a piece of a "supporting cast" rather than a player that's going to become a star. He can be a very good role player, but not much more than that, and would more than likely fit better on a competitive team that only needs more shooting.

San Antonio Spurs
Kessler Edwards - Wooden Legacy / Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

3. Kessler Edwards - Wing, Pepperdine

Considering that Kessler Edwards is one of the least efficient shooters on this list, having him all the way up at the number three spot may seem like a bit of a hot take. This past season, he shot about 38% from three on 114 total attempts, which is by no means high volume compared to most of the others on this list.

What lands him so high on this list is not only his shooting potential but also the upside he brings in several other areas of his game. He's more than likely one of the best three or four defenders in his class, there's evidence to suggest that he could be a three-level scorer, and he's a good rebounder. He's also one of the most efficient finishers at the rim at his position that does not rely on throwing down a hammer to finish the play.

Ultimately though, what has me so sky-high on him is my belief in his shooting ability. While he shot threes at a relatively low volume, something that's very encouraging to see in terms of his potential is how much he's been able to improve his free throw shooting. In his three years with Pepperdine, he went from shooting 69% to 76% to 88% at the line. In three years, he was able to improve his efficiency by nearly 20% on over double the total attempts.

Edwards has a ton going for him, and even despite the fact that he'll be 21 years old as a rookie, he's solidified as a mid-first-round pick in my mind.