The Spurs are doing something no team has done since 2018

San Antonio Spurs Doug McDermott
San Antonio Spurs Doug McDermott / Ronald Cortes/GettyImages

The San Antonio Spurs are some fast dudes. I'm talking really fast. If their 15 fast break points in their victory over the Orlando Magic wasn't enough of an indication, there's plenty more where that came from.

Through nine games played, the Spurs lead the league by a decent margin at 16.8 fast break points per game. In second place are the Golden State Warriors with 16.0. Most of those fast break points are coming off opponent turnovers, as they're 7th in the league with their average of 19.4 points per game.

Beyond what they're doing in the fast break, though, the Spurs are literally running faster on the court than any team has since 2018. With their team's average court speed of 4.42 mph, they're running faster than any team since the 2017-18 Chicago Bulls. An NBA team hasn't finished with a collective speed above 4.4 mph since six teams did so that season. Last year, the Indiana Pacers had the fastest average speed at 4.36.

The Spurs have the fastest average speed on offense as the only team near the 5 miles per hour mark, 4.96, while the second-placed Charlotte Hornets run at a pace of 4.78 mph. Much of that can be attributed to Doug McDermott's much-discussed off-ball movement. The newest Spurs' starter leads the Spurs in speed on offense (5.43) and defense (4.15).

San Antonio is all over the court on offense, boasting three of the top four individual offensive speeds in the NBA among players that have played in three or more regular season games.

1. Doug McDermott - 5.43
2. Dejounte Murray - 5.18
3. Justin Champagne (TOR) - 5.18
4. Jock Landale - 5.15

Where the Spurs dip a bit overall is their defensive speed of 3.93 mph. That average has them at 7th in the NBA. The slowest defenders (at least speed-wise) are Jock Landale (3.52), Derrick White (3.71), and Keldon Johnson (3.8).

For a team with an average age in the mid 20s, the Spurs are doing what they should be doing as far as using their speed to their advantage, but it'll be something to monitor as the long season treads on. If they're able to keep getting cheap points using their superior court speed, they could perform better than expected.

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The last time the Spurs averaged a speed of 4.4 miles per hour, they led the league and won the 2014 NBA title. COINCIDENCE? Yeah. But still, it's a neat stat.