Dejounte's comments turns him from beloved into villain overnight

Dejounte Murray
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San Antonio Spurs
Dejounte Murray / Sean Gardner/GettyImages

Spurs fans have a right to react however they'd like

Before I get into my own thoughts on the matter, let me do a little prefacing. Just as with any situation, there are several ways to take this comment. Many were quick to point out that Dejounte recently lost his grandmother and could just be acting emotionally at an emotional time.

That's a perfectly valid response, and for anyone who would like to brush these comments off for that or any reason, I have nothing against them. Another way to take the comment was that it was said as a frustrated response for getting negative comments on an otherwise positive post about a franchise that loves him.

After all, Murray later followed up the comment by saying how deeply he loves the fans and how his comments had nothing to do with the "real fans." He didn't exactly address the organization itself though.

I can also understand the perspective of people like highly-respected Spurs writer Matthew Tynan on the matter. Dejounte gave his all for a franchise that he repeatedly said "saved his life" and yet was repaid with negative comments on Instagram. Obviously, he isn't going to like it.

Then again, I can tweet right now about saving puppies and still somehow get a negative comment or two. That's social media -- and I've learned to mostly ignore that stuff. Murray, on the other hand, has never shown an ability to have a thick skin throughout his career.

There are dozens of examples of Dejounte blocking people on Twitter for the most minor reasons. Heck, I'm still blocked by him to this day for posting this defensive lowlight of Bryn Forbes last year (which I actually find hilarious).

The bottom line is Spurs fans have invested so much into Dejounte that they should feel free to react however they'd like to react to his comments. Feel like it's nothing at all? Fine. Think he's the next Kawhi? That's your prerogative. Get it all out in the form of tweets and texts. Hey, even apply to Air Alamo if you want to and get your words published. Just don't capitalize every word.

Since I've earned this platform over the past few years, it's time for me to share my own thoughts.