5 Spurs who have no chance of making the next playoff roster

The Spurs are far from a finished product around Victor Wembanyama.
San Antonio Spurs, Doug McDermott
San Antonio Spurs, Doug McDermott / Rob Gray-USA TODAY Sports
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3. Doug McDermott

McDermott is an elite shooter, but the rest of the 31-year-old’s game leaves plenty to be desired. His defense is subpar and there is little off the dribble game. The 31-year-old is strictly a spot-up shooter that the Spurs gave a three-year $41.2 million contract in 2021 as part of a sign-and-trade. San Antonio was not contending and decided to overpay for a career 41.0 percent 3-point shooter.

Dougie McBuckets hopes for a similar deal in free agency next summer. San Antonio won't overpay McDermott to keep him around. They need shooting, but dishing out $13 million per season for a marksmen that offers little else is just too much even as the salary cap rises.

The Spurs would love to find a midseason trade to a contender who needs an elite outside shooter to improve their title odds. McDermott is in the final year of his contract and could be viewed as strictly a rental. Expect the 6’7 forward to get a new deal in the summer of 2024, but it will likely be at a lesser salary.

Having a sharpshooter on the bench can be an advantage, but will Doug McDermott be willing to take a pay cut? It seems like the two sides part ways next summer if not before, and the San Antonio Spurs' next playoff run happens with Dougie McBuckets wearing another uniform.