Spurs can make noise with one of three free agent summer acquisitions

San Antonio's season is just about over and there will be free agents available this summer to help boost the roster. The Spurs should try to acquire one of these guys.
Gregg Popovich
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2. SG-Gary Trent Jr.

Bringing 25-year-old Gary Trent Jr. to the San Antonio Spurs could be a game-changer for the team's offensive dynamics. With shooting being a glaring need, Trent's career 38.6% three-point shooting record stands out as a potential solution. This season, his three-point shooting has been even more impressive, hitting 39.7% while averaging 13.8 points per game.

The Spurs frequently find themselves in offensive dry spells, lacking consistent scoring options to rely on. Trent's ability to provide reliable shooting could be the remedy to this issue. Not only does he boast impressive shooting percentages, but he also has a knack for heating up and taking over games when needed.

Adding Trent to the roster would add more offensive firepower to the Spurs' bench. His scoring ability would alleviate pressure from other players and provide a consistent threat from beyond the arc. This is an organization with a history of strong bench production and with Trent on the roster, the Spurs would have a reliable option to turn to during scoring droughts, giving them a much-needed boost in offensive production.

Gary's versatility as a scorer would complement the Spurs' playing style and contribute to their overall success on both ends of the court. His addition would not only address a pressing need for more shooting but also enhance the team's chances of competing at a higher level in the challenging Western Conference.