3 Spurs who are franchise building blocks, 4 that should be cut loose

The Spurs have work to do in building around Victor Wembanyama.
San Antonio Spurs, Victor Wembanyama
San Antonio Spurs, Victor Wembanyama / Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports
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Expendable: Zach Collins

The Spurs gave Collins a two-year $35 million extension on the eve of the season. It kicks in this summer and has the 6’11 big man locked in until 2026. Collins has versatility as a playmaker, but this fit just does not work next to Victor Wembanyama.

The 26-year-old has played six years in the NBA and 76 percent of his minutes have come at the five. He struggles to protect the rim and rebound, but Wemby can make up for that. It is Collins's inconsistent shooting that makes this an unworkable fit. He has shot 33.6 percent from 3-point range in his career and just 32.0 percent last season.

Collins also struggles to stay healthy. He played 63 and 69 games in the last two seasons but averages just 44.8 per year since joining the league in 2017.

The Spurs cannot afford to pay $17.5 million per season for a backup center. Wembanyama will play 35 minutes per game and Jeremy Sochan should play 30-plus. That leaves just 31 frontcourt minutes available. Unless Collins is getting every single one, San Antonio should look to trade him for the best possible offer.

Shooting, playmaking, and defense are key aspects the Spurs need around Wemby. Zach Collins struggles in two of those areas, but this standout wing is certainly a fit.