Spurs: Biggest area of improvement for everyone on the roster

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Derrick White needs to put it all together for a complete season

I'm only going to briefly touch on injuries with Derrick White since, as I said earlier, those aren't really in his control. But given he's one of the Spurs' two best players (I go back and forth with him and Dejounte Murray), clearly availability is vital.

The exponential improvement White has shown from year to year has been encouraging, as has been the development of his all-around game. Even when he's not feeling it from the field, which is what happened in four games of the preseason, he still has fingerprints all over every game.

I have faith in Derrick White's jumper, his ability to score, and his effectiveness on defense. But we're all still waiting for him to bring all of that together for one full season instead of a breakout series or hot week.

If he's healthy and getting minutes, White is too good to not have his presence felt every single game. This is the season he needs to focus on being the most complete player possible while also taking on a leadership role in San Antonio. With no stars on the roster, it's up to him to be the next.

San Antonio Spurs
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Dejounte Murray must tune everything out and dominate

There aren't a lot of on-court improvements Dejounte Murray desperately needs to make. He does a little bit of everything well on both ends of the floor besides shooting the three, which is something we've already discussed to death at Air Alamo.

A reliable 3-point shot would likely put Murray into All-Star status given everything else he does, but since it's been a well-known weakness of his since he entered the league, I want to address something else.

Murray has sometimes had a tendency to pay too much attention to what random haters and the media have to say online. With the tough season ahead, there will likely be even more noise from negative people headed his way all year.

While Dejounte doesn't seem to let negative talk hurt his play on the court, I think the distraction of paying attention to all the nonsense could eventually take its toll on the 25-year-old.

Murray has the talent to match up with the elite guards in the NBA, and he's one of the most dedicated, hardest-working guys on the roster. I'd love to see him locked in fully on basketball and not worrying about what some random Twitter user has to say (or even me, for that matter).

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Dejounte is primed to have a career year in 2022. If he stays dialed in, he'll have San Antonio in better shape than most people expect.

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