Spurs: Biggest area of improvement for everyone on the roster

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Joshua Primo must be more deliberate with passes

I admittedly don't have a lot of in-game knowledge of Joshua Primo to work with, but there was one thing I noticed him do a few times in the preseason that could be an issue.

Primo had a tendency to telegraph his passes to defenses, leading to turnovers or deflections that killed plays. In the infamous "Luka gives up" play, he had two straight passes to Samanic that went awry -- the first being deflected back to him while the second led to a steal and fastbreak dunk.

In general, it's hard to find much fault in how the 18-year-old has been playing for the Spurs so far, but his attention to detail when passing is one thing to monitor.

Lonnie Walker can't take nights off

The preseason resembled Lonnie Walker's career in a nutshell. He was virtually invisible in the opener (3 points, 3 rebounds), then scored 13 against Detroit. He was quiet in a loss to Miami (2 points), and then loud in a win over Orlando (16 points, 5 assists).

In a year in which he'll be playing for a payday and his NBA future, he can't have many of those nights where he's barely on the box score anymore. This is Walker's fourth year in the NBA, and although he's improved every season, the frustration many have with him stems from knowing he can be even better.

While his on-court game could still use some improvements, mainly in his drives with the ball and control on finishes, it's his consistency that will make or break Lonnie this season.

Devin Vassell needs to work on his "step inside the arc" shot

Although his defensive awareness and abilities should warrant him regular minutes with the Spurs, there's still plenty Devin Vassell can do offensively to propel himself further. Save for the last month of the season, he was an excellent 3-point shooter last year, using his high arc to rise over defenders with ease.

In looking deeper into the numbers, though, Vassell didn't shoot well from the area just inside the line. In the area from the 16-foot mark to the 3-point line, he made just 28.9% of his shots. That was the lowest mark of any regular rotation player except Jakob Poeltl.

Vassell is way too good of a shooter to be that low from that area, so that figure was likely closer to an anomaly than a trend. But it's still low enough to warrant attention and be addressed.

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