San Antonio Spurs all-time starting lineup by Win Shares

San Antonio Spurs vs Chicago Bulls - November 7, 2005
San Antonio Spurs vs Chicago Bulls - November 7, 2005 / Bill Smith/GettyImages
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Small Forward: George Gervin (107.4)

George Gervin is the man that started it all for the Spurs, their first superstar that provided them the bedrock they desperately needed to have a smooth transition from the ABA to the NBA. Though San Antonio failed to advance past the Conference Finals while the lanky forward led the charge, he took them to the playoffs in all but one of his 12 seasons with the ball club, keeping them afloat every year.

The Iceman earned his moniker for his patented finger roll and smooth moves with the rock, and it is easy to see why he was four-time scoring champion during his career. He averaged a mind-boggling 28.8 points per game from 1978 to 1984, dropping buckets on everyone in the league. His 107.4 win shares are fourth in franchise history, and that doesn't include any of his production from the ABA.