San Antonio Spurs all-time starting lineup by Win Shares

San Antonio Spurs vs Chicago Bulls - November 7, 2005
San Antonio Spurs vs Chicago Bulls - November 7, 2005 / Bill Smith/GettyImages
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Shooting Guard: Manu Ginobili (106.4)

Was there ever any question about who would fill the shooting guard position for the Spurs in this all-time starting lineup? Manu Ginobili has 106.4 win shares, a number that ranks fifth in franchise history and is more than double that of any swingman who has donned the Silver and Black. He stayed in San Antonio for his entire career, winning four rings and becoming the best sixth man we have ever seen.

Despite what his unassuming per-game statistics might suggest, Ginobili was a superstar talent who was selfless enough to sacrifice individual accomplishments for the betterment of the club. The two-time All-Star perfected and popularized the eurostep for generations of future hoopers and is one of two people on Earth who have won a EuroLeague title, NBA championship, and Olympic Gold Medal.