San Antonio Spurs all-time role player starting lineup

The superstars always get the glory, but there is no success without role players keeping the team glued together.

Robert Horry, Bruce Bowen, Kurt Thomas, Fabricio Oberto, Ime Udoka
Robert Horry, Bruce Bowen, Kurt Thomas, Fabricio Oberto, Ime Udoka / Stephen Dunn/GettyImages
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Shooting Guard: Danny Green

Danny Green is one of the easiest inclusions on this list. His story as a player who was cut numerous times before finally solidifying his spot in San Antonio and carving out a successful career as a two-time champion is an exceptional tale of perseverance. Green experienced a national title with the Tar Heels and Tyler Hansbrough, but things were vastly different in the NBA.

Once Green became a starter for the Spurs, he form one of the stingiest wing combos in the league alongside Kawhi Leonard. The rest of the league was becoming more athletic each season, and San Antonio was lagging behind with the youth movement. Green wasn't a freak athlete, but he was smart, long, and fiery. Understanding how to utilize those tools allowed him to make the most of his career.

Danny Green shot over 40% from three for four consecutive years from 2011 to 2015. He broke Ray Allen's league record for most threes made in an NBA Finals series during the 2013 loss to the Miami Heat, which came against the man who set the all-time mark. Spurs fans were sad to see him traded to Toronto alongside Leonard, but his impact will long be remembered in the 2-1-0.

Runner-Up: Michael Finley