San Antonio Spurs all-time role player starting lineup

The superstars always get the glory, but there is no success without role players keeping the team glued together.

Robert Horry, Bruce Bowen, Kurt Thomas, Fabricio Oberto, Ime Udoka
Robert Horry, Bruce Bowen, Kurt Thomas, Fabricio Oberto, Ime Udoka / Stephen Dunn/GettyImages
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Power Forward: Boris Diaw

Boris Diaw is a man of class, substance, and understanding. Understanding the game of basketball, in particular. He was a virtuoso who could see moves coming three steps ahead of the competition, and he would manipulate defenses with his foresight. As an exceptional and creative passer, Diaw was the perfect point-forward and acted as a Swiss Army Knife for San Antonio during their 2014 title run.

There was almost nothing Diaw could not do, including defending multiple positions. He made three-pointers, finished layups, and had immaculate footwork in the post. It is nearly impossible to describe just how perfectly Diaw fit into the starting lineup when Coach Pop called upon him in the NBA Finals.

Consider the universal love for breakfast tacos. Breakfast tacos are amazing, but what makes them perfect is a soft, warm, homemade tortilla. That is the type of magnificence that puts Boris Diaw on par with that doughy delicacy. The 2014 revenge tour does not happen without the frenchman, and Spurs nation is grateful that his strong relationship with Tony Parker brought him to San Antonio.

Runner-Up: Robert Horry