San Antonio Spurs all-time role player starting lineup

The superstars always get the glory, but there is no success without role players keeping the team glued together.
Robert Horry, Bruce Bowen, Kurt Thomas, Fabricio Oberto, Ime Udoka
Robert Horry, Bruce Bowen, Kurt Thomas, Fabricio Oberto, Ime Udoka / Stephen Dunn/GettyImages
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Saving the universe is a colossal job. People love Superman, Wonder Woman, and other heroes with superpowers for the pivotal part they play in accomplishing that daunting task, but you still need guys like Green Arrow and Batman to do all the little things essential to ensuring the safety of every citizen. Playing high-level basketball is no different. Role players elevate our favorite superstars, and it's time to recognize the heroes who have been glue guys for the San Antonio Spurs overs the years.

Center: Matt Bonner

This two-time NBA champion from the University of Florida joined the Spurs in 2007 and immediately nestled his way into the hearts of the Silver and Black fanbase. His strange shooting form looked like a launching mechanism, earning him one of the best nicknames in NBA history: The Red Rocket.

As a career 41% three-point shooter, his presence space the floor for the downhill playing styles of Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili while providing plenty of room for Tim Duncan to operate in the post. He wasn't great at much else, but what he brought to the table was more than enough.

The late, great Kobe Bryant did not take basketball lightly. He was infamous for the lack of respect he showed others who did, and though Matt Bonner never went for 81, Kobe would assign Bonner a new moniker: The Red Mamba. That type of approbation can't be overstated and helps land the Sandwich Savant, Matt Bonner, on San Antonio's all-time role player starting lineup.

Runner-Up: Tiago Splitter